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Fat Friday

Yaaaaaay, it’s here! Fat Friday is back! OK…so maybe we eat this way everyday, but it makes us feel way less guilty if we put a label on it and treat it like a celebration 😉 Fat Friday is a new tradition we started in our house last month, but its just a continuation of a tradition stemming from childhood. Every Friday when I was younger (up until last year when John and I moved to GA) the whole family got together at my Grandma’s for pizza and ice cream. This has seriously been one of my most favorite and cherished memories to look back on! So long story short, we decided to bring a little of that fun to our house and have pizza and whatever the heck else indulgent we want on Fridays and that’s how the name Fat Friday was born. Can’t wait for dinner!

This morning was seriously gorgeous. We were up bright and early because we have a sick baby on our hands (pitiful) which means I got to enjoy the only two perks of being up before the sun: coffee and the sunrise.

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Now it’s off to go cuddle with my sick baby and start my day of feasting! Happy Friday 🙂


Things I’m loving

Is it just me or does the weather make life so much more enjoyable? I feel like a teenage girl with a crush when the cooler temperatures start to come back. It’s so annoying to John I’m sure haha I’m constantly gushing about how perfect it is outside, starting to care about exercise again, starting (and minutes later forgetting about) plenty of craft ideas. Fall, Holidays, hoodies….my lifelong loves.

Here are a few of the specific things I’m really loving lately:

Pumpkin spice waffles-not the healthiest, but definitely delicious! Try them with maple syrup and a scoop of PB…mmmm

Anything and everything fall scented

Crockpot meals


Walks with my boys


Fall skies and scenery




Changes, Changes, Changes.

Hey there! Wow, looking back on this blog made me laugh so much. My life has changed 100% since I last posted on here…100%. You can read specifics in the “About” section, but I am now married, a mother of twin boys, and part-owner (haha) of a new home in Georgia! My life is a whirlwind. I am just now getting settled enough to sit back, breathe, and take it all in. This blog is mostly for myself, but I am sharing it with others who might want to see how we are doing down here in good old Georgia. It will probably bore the hell out of most, but there will be a few who might miss seeing the boys on facebook everyday! So…This blog will be FULL of baby talk/pictures/updates, food pictures, random pictures of things that make me happy, and it’s mostly a place for me to ramble about everyday life. If you are into this sort of thing, then read and enjoy 😉

First off…the mail just came which means my eBay package is here!!! All of this for $14…yesss

20120908-142005.jpg so excited to use it. It’s a pretty dreary day here today so I’ll just add a few pictures from yesterday and really start blogging tomorrow…see you then!



Fat Friday: pizza and ice cream for all! Well not ALL…some of us have to deal with pureed fruit. But the tasty kind at least…happy 7 months boys!



Best feeling in the world…if you don’t have kids, I suggest you do soon 😉



John cooling off after PUSH-mowing the 1 acre backyard! Bless him.


Scored some great deals at Kohls…the jeans were only $8!!!


Hiney pinches…becoming strangely normal to see around here lately.