Monday funday?

The day started off like any other: wake up at 7, watch the news, change and feed babies, go for a family walk, breakfast, play, nap.





20120910-200132.jpg but then we got surprised with visitors! My sister Cara had some dental work done today and got to stay home from school so they decided to come on over. The boys were more than happy and pulled out all their new tricks like sitting up and pre-crawling.





20120910-200723.jpg After a little playtime, the boys went down for naps and us girls went to Hobby Lobby on a mission: this guy needed a new eye!

20120910-200831.jpg I love my babies like crazy, but sometimes a little alone time with my mom (and sisters) is necessary. Very thankful for the trip! We started with Starbucks and I ended up with new Halloween plates and movie decor for johns movie room…success! (yes, said in the Borat voice.)



20120910-201053.jpg My mom dropped me off at home and we made a plan to all have dinner at her house and let the boys spend the night so John and I could have a small break….what a fantastic surprise!! So, I’ll finish this post with pictures of how we are spending this relaxing evening and then it’s off to bed and hopefully to the gym in the morning!





Crockpot Mac and cheese

It’s football Sunday so the hubby gave me his requests last night: Mac and Cheese and Pigs in Blankets. Both great choices, my dear! 1) Because they are delicious but more importantly 2) Require little to no effort for me 🙂 Let’s get started:

Completely calorie-free ingredients.


First, melt the butter in a pan


Next add the cheese and stir until melted.


Combine all other ingredients in crockpot


Add the ooey, gooey, glorious cheese.


Add Macaroni, stir, and cook on low for 3 hours. Voila. Easy cheesy.



  • 1 box macaroni
  • 8 Tbs butter
  • 5-6 cups shredded cheddar cheese
  • 7 eggs (I only used 3)
  • 1 1/4 cups sour cream
  • 2 cans condensed cheddar cheese soup
  • 2 1/2 cups whole milk (i used 1%)
  • 1 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 1/4 tsp pepper
  • 1 1/4 tsp dry mustard (i used regular spicy brown…because its delicious duh.)

Fall is Creeping in :)

If you haven’t stepped outside yet…get on it! The weather is amazing today. More on that in a minute though.

Last night was a typical Saturday night around here. We took the boys for a walk, came back home to give them baths, gave bottles, and put them to sleep. Then it was mommy and daddy time. We shared some cheese, had a little wine (ok so maybe that was just me…wine in a plastic cup alone…pathetic!), and watched the 5 year Engagement. Really cute movie.

Pretty decent night. This morning started off with a walk and we were pleasantly surprised to step outside and feel COOL air! I love the first signs of Fall. This weather really makes me happy and feel motivated. It means we are getting closer to my favorite things: holidays, fall flavors, hoodies and jeans…all of it! Ok, I hear one of the boys waking up from their nap…time to play with them and start the crockpot mac and cheese so it’s ready in time for football! Enjoy the morning and check back later for more. Ps. I haven’t taken the time to figure out how to upload pictures properly yet, so hold tight until I do. Thanks


Changes, Changes, Changes.

Hey there! Wow, looking back on this blog made me laugh so much. My life has changed 100% since I last posted on here…100%. You can read specifics in the “About” section, but I am now married, a mother of twin boys, and part-owner (haha) of a new home in Georgia! My life is a whirlwind. I am just now getting settled enough to sit back, breathe, and take it all in. This blog is mostly for myself, but I am sharing it with others who might want to see how we are doing down here in good old Georgia. It will probably bore the hell out of most, but there will be a few who might miss seeing the boys on facebook everyday! So…This blog will be FULL of baby talk/pictures/updates, food pictures, random pictures of things that make me happy, and it’s mostly a place for me to ramble about everyday life. If you are into this sort of thing, then read and enjoy 😉

First off…the mail just came which means my eBay package is here!!! All of this for $14…yesss

20120908-142005.jpg so excited to use it. It’s a pretty dreary day here today so I’ll just add a few pictures from yesterday and really start blogging tomorrow…see you then!



Fat Friday: pizza and ice cream for all! Well not ALL…some of us have to deal with pureed fruit. But the tasty kind at least…happy 7 months boys!



Best feeling in the world…if you don’t have kids, I suggest you do soon 😉



John cooling off after PUSH-mowing the 1 acre backyard! Bless him.


Scored some great deals at Kohls…the jeans were only $8!!!


Hiney pinches…becoming strangely normal to see around here lately.

Feeling good feeling great, feeling great feeling good…how are you?


Good afternoon!

It has been a few days since my “Back to Brianne” post and I decided it was time to sit down and fill everyone in on whats been going on in my life…absolutely nothing! haha. Only kidding…kind of. First off, breakfast today:

  • 6oz cup of Vanilla Chobani Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 of a banana
  • 6 chopped walnut halves

I didn’t take a picture of the kix I added to this cup because I was too busy devouring the entire box to even think of it. No joke, an entire box of Kix in less than 12 hour…oops! Needless to say, after eating all of that sugar I was full of quick-fix energy and went for a walk. Today is pretty overcast here but the temperature is much cooler than it has been lately so I decided to take advantage of that. I took my normal 4 mile route and I felt great afterwards. Sometimes just getting outside and enjoying the weather is enough to completely reenergize you and also serves as a great mood booster 😉

Speaking of lovely weather…The other day I met my friend Brian in the city for a day of fun. I didn’t know what was on the to-do list so I just trusted him to know what I’d enjoy and it ended up being the perfect day. First he took me to Starbucks, then to see this guy:

I was sooo tempted to bust out my moonwalk, but fortunately I did not.

Next we went to Central Park! This was my first time going there and it was gorgeous. We walked around aimlessly for 2 hours and enjoyed the sights and all of the talented people there (competitive skaters, violinists, jugglers…) and then we made it to the main event: rowing in Central Park!

This was so much fun and we ended up staying on the water for around 40 minutes. We had a hard time steering at first but once we got the hang of it, everything was great. We floated around and shared a bag of sweet potato chips and finished our Starbucks drinks. Once off the water, we walked around a little more. And then decided it was time for a real meal. We hopped in a cab to the village and used my iphone to pick out which Sushi place to try…dinner was DELICIOUS but unfortunately I have no pictures because Brian said not to embarrass him in public haha. We shared edamame and seaweed salad for our appetizers, and he chose the Chef’s Sushi dinner while I chose a California roll and a tuna roll…so original….NOT. It was a really fun day and honestly, the highlight of my week. Nothing else to report and unfortunately no other pictures were taken.

It feels good to be in touch with you guys again, so happy to be back to normal. Talk to you after dinner!

Back to Brianne

She’s baaaack!

I’m Back! In more ways than one. I’m back to blogging AND I’m back to myself. I’ve been away (from this site) for a while and I realized that I missed it. I missed keeping track of my exercise and eating, I missed connecting with new people, and I missed posting pictures of delicious food…duh! haha.

Seriously though, a lot went on with me while I was not blogging. I went from a normal amount of energy to zero energy, I stayed home alone every night instead of spending time with my friends, I lost all motivation to exercise,  I started calorie restricting all day and bingeing at night…long story short, I was a mess. I’m not really sure what was going on with me for the past few weeks but once I realized it, I quickly put a stop to those things. Afterall, my main goal this year is to become BALANCED, not neurotic and unhealthy.

I have gotten back into my old exercise habits: walking everyday even if its for a short while just to clear my head, attempting a body boot camp DVD on rainy days (hilarious), and I also just started incorporating wall squats into the mix to hopefully strengthen my knees.

I am back to eating three regular meals a day and sticking to fruit or veggies for snacks in between. I’m trying to lay off of cereal for a little while because when I was being bingey (I hate the words binge…ugh) I went through three boxes in a week! Not for meals, snacks at night or in between meals…no bueno.

I also learned that I have been chronically dehydrated for the past few years. I mean, it definitely makes sense and I always knew I did not drink enough, but because I am never thirsty I rarely think about it. Being a nurse, I should have really been more aware of the red flags, but it’s always easier to notice those things in others rather than yourself, right? Here are a list of my symptoms:

  • non-existent thirst signal-after being dehydrated for a long time this signal tends to stop working…crazy!
  • very little to no sweating even after vigorous workouts
  • no energy
  • extremely dry skin
  • chronic digestive issues
  • and the weirdest of all, when I do sweat, it smells like pure chemicals. I learned today that everyone has a certain ratio of water and ammonia in their sweat but in people who are dehydrated, the ammonia becomes very concentrated, hence the chemical smell.

It feels silly that it took me this long to really put everything together but oh well, I did, and I’ve already started to fix it! I had 6 whole drinks yesterday which is HUGE for me. I am used to a coffee in the morning and maybe, if I remember, possibly a glass of water after dinner. That’s all. Even when I am walking one-two hours a day. So stupid!

Anywho, I feel like myself again and I will be blogging regularly again because it really puts my goals and progress into perspective and keeps me on track. I hope everyone has been great and now it’s time for a just a few random pictures that I managed to snap along the way, enjoy!

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I’m still alive.

Hey everyone! I’m still alive, yay! For some reason I decided to take a very long break from blogging (even though I only just started) and I am now realizing that it was not a good choice. I am literally falling asleep right now, but I will fill you guys in on my thoughts as to why blogging is actually beneficial to my life. Talk to you soon!