Keeping fit is a new concept in my life. Until 2008 I was one of the laziest girls you could ever meet. Exercise to me was walking from the couch to the fridge and back. I would take my sweet dog, Jack on walks but it was mostly for his benefit, I wasn’t really thinking about myself. After coming to the realization that reducing my caloric intake to an amount suitable for a small squirrel wasn’t going to turn me into Gisele Bundchen, I decided to try out exercise. At first, I hated it. I could barely stay on the elliptical machine for 7 minutes, using weights made me nervous, and the treadmill bored me to tears. I knew that I immediately felt better after a workout, though, so stuck with it. Boy am I glad I did! I now exercise 4-5 days a week whether it be walking, hiking, or just recently, jogging. I still find it hard some days to work up the energy to go through with it, but I love how I feel once I am done. Exercising now gives me a feeling of peace and accomplishment and I wouldn’t go back to my sedentary lifestyle if you paid me!

I hope to start getting better with my attempts at jogging and I am going to sign up for a few 5K races in the fall to keep me motivated. Stay tuned as I track my progress! Also, any tips or advice is always welcome…I am starting fresh with this whole “running” thing and would love to do it correctly.

Currently: I am VERY slowly starting to get back into exercising. With limited free-time, energy, and motivation it is proving to be difficult, but I hope with the change of seasons and cooler weather that my motivation will come back! Exercise always makes me feel happy and has proven to always be the best stress relief for me in the past.

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