vindow viper

I don’t feel like I should start a post about my bland day without first, acknowledging the date. 9/11, 11 years later, and I know many people who are still very much feeling and living the effects of that day…so thank you to all who risked their lives to help out on that day and every day since.

We woke up this morning bright and early despite having a baby-free home and getting little to no sleep last night. Starbucks was in order. John left to go grab our coffee while I feasted away. I am obsessed with this cereal so please, if you have a Target nearby, run out NOW and grab a box….you will not regret it. 

go get you some!

I made the hubs some waffles on his return home and hopped in the shower after adding a post to . We are going to run out to Best Buy and Kroger in a few and then go pick up the monstas. I see a whole lot of cleaning in our future today, but I promise a better update later! See you then.

Whenever I decided I’m going to clean, that annoying childhood joke about the “vindow viper” pops into my head….anyone remember it? no? Great…proof that I really am NOT funny.

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