One man’s trash…

Oh my gosh I FINALLY did it! I got off my lazy butt and completed a project. We moved into our new home back in May, and four months later, we are still without so much needed furniture. This is due to a variety factors with the main two being: laziness and frugality. John and I are both usually exhausted so when we finally get time to ourselves, we would rather use it lounging around than (god forbid) doing any type of manual labor or shopping. Necessity led to productivity in my case recently though. We needed end tables in our bedroom, but I (being the cheap@$$ that I am) could NOT bear the thought of spending $100+ on such small items. After months of practically rolling off he bed just to plug my phone charger in or turn a lamp on, I decided it was time to pull out the big guns. Time to conquer a craft! So, long story short…I just finished redoing one out of two crappy, old end tables we had lying around in storage. It took me chipping away little by little (ok let’s be honest, I started one day and didn’t even look in the end table’s direction for at least another month) but it is finally complete! Proud moment for this lazy woman 🙂








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