Fall is Creeping in :)

If you haven’t stepped outside yet…get on it! The weather is amazing today. More on that in a minute though.

Last night was a typical Saturday night around here. We took the boys for a walk, came back home to give them baths, gave bottles, and put them to sleep. Then it was mommy and daddy time. We shared some cheese, had a little wine (ok so maybe that was just me…wine in a plastic cup alone…pathetic!), and watched the 5 year Engagement. Really cute movie.

Pretty decent night. This morning started off with a walk and we were pleasantly surprised to step outside and feel COOL air! I love the first signs of Fall. This weather really makes me happy and feel motivated. It means we are getting closer to my favorite things: holidays, fall flavors, hoodies and jeans…all of it! Ok, I hear one of the boys waking up from their nap…time to play with them and start the crockpot mac and cheese so it’s ready in time for football! Enjoy the morning and check back later for more. Ps. I haven’t taken the time to figure out how to upload pictures properly yet, so hold tight until I do. Thanks



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