Back to Brianne

She’s baaaack!

I’m Back! In more ways than one. I’m back to blogging AND I’m back to myself. I’ve been away (from this site) for a while and I realized that I missed it. I missed keeping track of my exercise and eating, I missed connecting with new people, and I missed posting pictures of delicious food…duh! haha.

Seriously though, a lot went on with me while I was not blogging. I went from a normal amount of energy to zero energy, I stayed home alone every night instead of spending time with my friends, I lost all motivation to exercise, Ā I started calorie restricting all day and bingeing at night…long story short, I was a mess. I’m not really sure what was going on with me for the past few weeks but once I realized it, I quickly put a stop to those things. Afterall, my main goal this year is to become BALANCED, not neurotic and unhealthy.

I have gotten back into my old exercise habits: walking everyday even if its for a short while just to clear my head, attempting a body boot camp DVD on rainy days (hilarious), and I also just started incorporating wall squats into the mix to hopefully strengthen my knees.

I am back to eating three regular meals a day and sticking to fruit or veggies for snacks in between. I’m trying to lay off of cereal for a little while because when I was being bingey (I hate the words binge…ugh) I went through three boxes in a week! Not for meals, snacks at night or in between meals…no bueno.

I also learned that I have been chronically dehydrated for the past few years. I mean, it definitely makes sense and I always knew I did not drink enough, but because I am never thirsty I rarely think about it. Being a nurse, I should have really been more aware of the red flags, but it’s always easier to notice those things in others rather than yourself, right? Here are a list of my symptoms:

  • non-existent thirst signal-after being dehydrated for a long time this signal tends to stop working…crazy!
  • very little to no sweating even after vigorous workouts
  • no energy
  • extremely dry skin
  • chronic digestive issues
  • and the weirdest of all, when I do sweat, it smells like pure chemicals. I learned today that everyone has a certain ratio of water and ammonia in their sweat but in people who are dehydrated, the ammonia becomes very concentrated, hence the chemical smell.

It feels silly that it took me this long to really put everything together but oh well, I did, and I’ve already started to fix it! I had 6 whole drinks yesterday which is HUGE for me. I am used to a coffee in the morning and maybe, if I remember, possibly a glass of water after dinner. That’s all. Even when I am walking one-two hours a day. So stupid!

Anywho, I feel like myself again and I will be blogging regularly again because it really puts my goals and progress into perspective and keeps me on track. I hope everyone has been great and now it’s time for a just a few random pictures that I managed to snap along the way, enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “Back to Brianne

  1. The blogging community is so supportive and really helps to keep balance in life. I couldn’t agree more! I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to leave blogging.

    • It really is so true, reading all of these different blogs and communicating with people going through the same things that you are is SO helpful. I really am very happy I stumbled upon this community of people this year šŸ™‚

    • It really is such a good feeling to emerge from those awful rough patches. I hope I don’t have to go through that again for a while…I start to feel like such a zombie haha. I hope your adjusting well to the new city…it looks so gorgeous there!

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