Le sigh.

So, after posting that quest for a cure earlier, I went downstairs to join my family for dinner. The minute I sat down at the table my dad said, “Ugh! Your face is really breaking out bad again, Bri” Thanks Dad. I hadn’t noticed.

My dad is a great guy, but is about as mature and respectful as a 15-year-old boy. I don’t know why he feels the need to make comments like that sometimes, but he does…a lot. I was already in a pretty negative mood and having him say that the minute I sat down did not help. I yelled at him, yelled at my brother for laughing, ate alone in the kitchen, told them both to (finally) clean the kitchen for once, and ran up to my room. This was definitely one of those “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days”. After sulking in my room for a little while I got a text from my best friend Hilary with a picture of homemade guacamole telling me to come over and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I slapped some comfy clothes on, spackled my face with concealer, and practically flew over to her house.

Sloppy looking but SO delicious.

Hil introduced me to the show “Bethenny Getting Married?” tonight and I love it. Her husband is so gosh darn cute and nice and I had no idea what a funny person she actually was. I spent two hours at her house and then started to feel sleepy so I moseyed on home at 11.

I am still awake now (no surprise since I haven’t been able to sleep at all for the past week) and planning out my walk for the morning. I am hoping that starting the day out with a very long walk will cheer me up a little. That…and a tasty breakfast of course 🙂

Goodnight lovebugs.


4 thoughts on “Le sigh.

    • Thanks :/ Today seems to be starting off a little better, I got a full 7.5 hours of sleep, it’s not raining, and I’m heading out the door to go jog at the park right now! We’ll see how it goes…:)

  1. Hope you had a good jog. Exercise almost ALWAYS helps me ward off a bad mood.
    What a blessing to have a friend like Hilary-perfect timing 🙂
    Dads can be frustrating, I know! Guys sometimes forget they need to communicate effectively to women, in a different way than they do to each other. Some are better than others.
    Hope you have a better day.

    • Thanks so much for the sweet note, Heather! The jog was, ummm how do you say….non-existent? haha. The air is just so hot and thick here today it was impossible to do it, but I did force myself to get outside for a 35 minute walk. That’s not as much as I would have liked to do so I might go again after dinner if the mood is right. My dad is definitely frustrating, thats for sure, but I really need to learn how to have patience with him. I used to let his “jokes” bounce right off me (and sometimes back onto him) but somehow, over the last year, forgot how to let that happen. I guess everyday is a chance for learning and yesterday really forced me to take a step back and reevaluate myself. There are a few changes I hope to make in the next few months and I think they will benefit everyone around me too 🙂
      Thanks again-hope your day is going great!

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