Sunless Sunday

Good afternoon readers! If I could move somewhere that was consistently at a 70-78 degree temperature range year round I think I would be the happiest girl alive. Even though it’s not sunny today, the air feels fantastic.

Last night I decided on the banana soft serve and topped it off with a little cereal. I’m not sure if I mixed it too long this time or just added a bit too much milk but it turned into a cold banana soup…still tasty though.  I enjoyed that while watching a show on wedding cakes and then hit the bed. For some reason, though, I have not been able to fall asleep before 2am lately. It doesn’t matter how tired I feel or what time I lay down, 2 seems to be the magic number. 9:00 seems to be my daily wake-up time, though, so I still get a decent 6-7 hours in. Aaanywho, I woke up at 9 today and made my way downstairs. For breakfast, I had on egg on a bed of salsa, cheddar cheese on top, and half of a 7-grain deli flat. Of course, an unpictured coffee too. MMM.

After breakfast, I took my grandma to the grocery store and we got a bunch of much-needed food for the house. I got yogurt, cottage cheese, bread, soy crisps, a new jar of PB!, spinach, and frozen fruit. Have I ever told you how much I love grocery shopping? Well I LOVE IT.

When we got home we were both starving and decided it was definitely time for lunch. My grandma had leftover spaghetti with meat sauce and I had that boring “new favorite” of mine: Purple Monster! I topped it with Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal and now I am stuffed. This one was huuuge and delicious. And now, in typical Sunday fashion, it’s time to put my pj’s back on and find a good movie to watch 🙂


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