Ok, quick post. No pictures. No fun stories. Just pure desperation!

I recently turned 25 years old and for some reason it seems that my skin has done more freaking out about it than I have! I have a seriously mysterious case of adult acne right now. It actually started about two years ago (when I moved to NJ) but I kept blaming it on the stress of school. Once I graduated and was stress free, though, it continued so I started blaming it on hormones. I went to the doctor and she thought it would be a good idea to try to give birth control pills a try. I have been taking them for two months now and nada. My skin has a mind of its own now, and as much as I try to stay positive and think good things about myself, it is really is making it almost impossible.

Here’s where you guys come into play. Has anyone else experienced this problem? How were you able to fix it? I’d love to be able to find some sort of natural cure and get rid of these pills if I could. I might be a nurse, and I definitely see the benefit of medication in a lot of situations, but in my own life I try to stay medication-free. (No really, for as long as I can remember my answer to a headache has been “drink a Pepsi”)

Thanks for listening and hopefully someone out there has the lucky helpful hint that will work!


4 thoughts on “help!

  1. Hi there! Love your blog:) My skin went crazy my freshman year of college and I tried a million different products before stumbling upon Exposed Skin care. It’s worked really well for me (with the exception of now, but I’m pregnant so my skin’s going crazy!) but it’s really been a lifesaver for me. You just have to Google it and order it off their site:)

  2. Hi 🙂 Just stumbled upon your cute little blog. Sorry about the blemish issue 😦
    It’s very possibly hormonal and maybe you just need to give the bcp more time.
    Then again, it could also be dietary-related. I know that one of the things that finally made me realize I had gluten intolerance, was severe excema.
    It was only around my nose and mouth and once i stopped eating wheat, barley, and rye it went away.
    Maybe find out if you have any food intolerances or if sugar effects you. I know, now, when i eat a lot of sugar i break out.
    Hope you figure it out soon!

  3. Hey girl! I definitly have similar problems with my skin and am thinking about doing a post on some of the best products that have helped me with oil/breakouts. PS im originally from NJ too!! yayy 🙂

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