Food, glorious foood.

Lawdy, Lawdy…this vacation has turned into a real foodfest! I am definitely not complaining though 😉 Last night we decided to have a little girls night out and what a great decision that was. We chose a local restaurant called Casa Mia which is known for it’s delicious tapas and tasty drinks. Katie and I decided to eat very small (but healthy) lunches so that we would have a large appetite for dinner and really enjoy our food. When we arrived at Casa Mia, Erika was already there waiting on us with water and fried plantain chips, mmm. We chatted a little and were very excited to see each other, but let’s be serious, we were famished and our attention was completely focused on the menus haha. I decided to order the grilled tofu and vegetable plate and couldn’t have been happier with that choice. Aside from the dish being a little on the oily side (I’m being nice…it was saturated), it was cooked perfectly and tasted great! We ordered a pitcher of mango margaritas also, I ended up only having half of one and the girls finished the rest. When I was younger, I could drink margaritas all night long without blinking an eye. Now, thanks to a brutal case of reflux (gross I know) I can no longer enjoy them…stinks. Anywho… after dinner Katie and I decided to go on a long walk around downtown Athens and enjoy the scenery. Conveniently, our walk landed us right at Yoguri! Katie had a mango/green tea swirl with blackberries, strawberries, and coconut while I enjoyed an original/dark chocolate swirl with blueberries, strawberries, and granola. It was the perfect way to end the night.

I have something to confess to you readers also…this was my third time enjoying Yoguri this week. Ahhh! Ok, I feel so much better now. Full disclosure here people…embrace it.

Exercise for the day included a walk to the ice cream store with my sisters at a relatively fast pace (20-25 minutes) and later on I went for a walk/jog on my own for about 50 minutes! Not too shabby 😉


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