Our 1st Anniversary <3

One year ago today….

We gathered our families and headed to Manhattan to say our vows! I was 4 months pregnant with the twins, John was sick, and we were both EXTREMELY exhausted…..but the excitement level? Through the roof. Manhattan, Fall, Halloween week…does it get any better than that? Yes, it does….

Most girls dream about their wedding day from the time they are little until the actual day happens…not this girl. I’ve never really been too keen on the idea of choosing one person to live with day in and day out for your entire life…I mean seriously, that does not sound natural…or fun if you want to be honest. I decided to take the plunge and see what happened though.

If you are reading this and you know me, you know I might just be a bitย of an anxious person (haha). I do not like attention to be on me, I get overwhelmed when making decisions, and being around a lot of people in one room makes me clam up instantly. Sooooo when I mentioned the idea of a city hall wedding to John and he said yes I was THRILLED! We both love, love, love NY and knew immediately we wanted it to be our wedding location. Fall is our favorite season so that was a the given time to make things happen. John is a huge “numbers” guy (NERD) and loved the date 11-1-11…..everything just seemed to come together beautifully.

Cut to 4am on November 1, 2011….picture me, pregnant with twins, hopped up on (illegal to pregnancy) coffee and not a bite of food, getting ready to solidify the biggest decision I will ever make. I felt like vomiting…and not because of the babies! I spent the night in my mom’s hotel room and got ready with her and my twin 9 year old sisters. They helped me get dressed, helped with my hair, and helped bring me down when I started to get crazy…gotta love them! A few hours later we hopped in our taxi and headed to City Hall….

I walked in and saw our family first, then John…he looked so handsome and happy and I immediately felt lucky. My nerves slowly (not completely of course) started to fade away and the excitement resumed. This was the day I would marry the best man I’ve ever met!

We said our vows in a tiny room with a horrible backdrop and a man who can only be described as an overanimated, hilarious, actor type married us. Our family stood around watching, I switched the ring order up, there was continuous laughing….it was perfect! Not perfect in the traditional wedding sense, but perfect for me and John.

Cut to a year later. We are married, own a new home, have 8 month old twin boys, and live in Georgia. Our lives have made a complete 360 in the past year or so and it’s been a wild ride! Here are my thoughts on marriage now that I’ve lived it for a year….

Truthfully, it is not always sunshine and rainbows. It is, in fact, more like farts and dagger eyes most of the time. But it is such a beautiful thing. Marriage REALLY IS how the older generation describe it…it is full of ups, downs, lulls, and joys. It takes continuous nurturing, communication, laughter, hugs, reconnection, fights, make-ups, and above all…love. You MUST love the person you marry to live with them day in and day out. You must be prepared to recommit yourself to your marriage over and over and be ready to embrace another person completely…flaws and all.

John is quite possibly this biggest man-child I know. We have video games, blu-rays, and controllers strewn about every room. He burps loudly, jokes constantly, and is overly-affectionate. He likes to stay home, I like to go out. He likes science fiction, I like reality tv. He likes computer games, I like pinterest. We are complete opposites but I am FINALLY realizing the fun in that….it never gets boring! We are a perfect mismatch.

One year ago today I married a man who I thought was handsome, fun, and just overall great. I had no idea that he would be such an amazing husband and father. I have a husband who washes all of the bottles, changes most diapers, literally gets into the bathtub with our boys to bathe them. He does not let a day go by without telling me I am beautiful. This man still buys me flowers at least twice a month…just because. He constantly hugs me and tells me how much he loves me. He is 100% dependable and trustworthy. I can go to him with any problem or fear and he will help me fix it. I can act like a complete moron and he laughs. I can go overly-crazy about holiday decorating and celebrating and he supports it.

John is my husband, he is my home, he is my heart. I am SO lucky to have married him and I can not wait to spend 100 more anniversaries with this man. Even if they are full of farts and dagger eyes.

Fat Friday

Yaaaaaay, it’s here! Fat Friday is back! OK…so maybe we eat this way everyday, but it makes us feel way less guilty if we put a label on it and treat it like a celebration ๐Ÿ˜‰ Fat Friday is a new tradition we started in our house last month, but its just a continuation of a tradition stemming from childhood. Every Friday when I was younger (up until last year when John and I moved to GA) the whole family got together at my Grandma’s for pizza and ice cream. This has seriously been one of my most favorite and cherished memories to look back on! So long story short, we decided to bring a little of that fun to our house and have pizza and whatever the heck else indulgent we want on Fridays and that’s how the name Fat Friday was born. Can’t wait for dinner!

This morning was seriously gorgeous. We were up bright and early because we have a sick baby on our hands (pitiful) which means I got to enjoy the only two perks of being up before the sun: coffee and the sunrise.

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Now it’s off to go cuddle with my sick baby and start my day of feasting! Happy Friday ๐Ÿ™‚

Things I’m loving

Is it just me or does the weather make life so much more enjoyable? I feel like a teenage girl with a crush when the cooler temperatures start to come back. It’s so annoying to John I’m sure haha I’m constantly gushing about how perfect it is outside, starting to care about exercise again, starting (and minutes later forgetting about) plenty of craft ideas. Fall, Holidays, hoodies….my lifelong loves.

Here are a few of the specific things I’m really loving lately:

Pumpkin spice waffles-not the healthiest, but definitely delicious! Try them with maple syrup and a scoop of PB…mmmm

Anything and everything fall scented

Crockpot meals


Walks with my boys


Fall skies and scenery




One man’s trash…

Oh my gosh I FINALLY did it! I got off my lazy butt and completed a project. We moved into our new home back in May, and four months later, we are still without so much needed furniture. This is due to a variety factors with the main two being: laziness and frugality. John and I are both usually exhausted so when we finally get time to ourselves, we would rather use it lounging around than (god forbid) doing any type of manual labor or shopping. Necessity led to productivity in my case recently though. We needed end tables in our bedroom, but I (being the cheap@$$ that I am) could NOT bear the thought of spending $100+ on such small items. After months of practically rolling off he bed just to plug my phone charger in or turn a lamp on, I decided it was time to pull out the big guns. Time to conquer a craft! So, long story short…I just finished redoing one out of two crappy, old end tables we had lying around in storage. It took me chipping away little by little (ok let’s be honest, I started one day and didn’t even look in the end table’s direction for at least another month) but it is finally complete! Proud moment for this lazy woman ๐Ÿ™‚







vindow viper

I don’t feel like I should start a post about my bland day without first, acknowledging the date. 9/11, 11 years later, and I know many people who are still very much feeling and living the effects of that day…so thank you to all who risked their lives to help out on that day and every day since.

We woke up this morning bright and early despite having a baby-free home and getting little to no sleep last night. Starbucks was in order. John left to go grab our coffee while I feasted away. I am obsessed with this cereal so please, if you have a Target nearby, run out NOW and grab a box….you will not regret it.ย 

go get you some!

I made the hubs some waffles on his return home and hopped in the shower after adding a post to pootimestwo.wordpress.comย . We are going to run out to Best Buy and Kroger in a few and then go pick up the monstas. I see a whole lot of cleaning in our future today, but I promise a better update later! See you then.

Whenever I decided I’m going to clean, that annoying childhood joke about the “vindow viper” pops into my head….anyone remember it? no? Great…proof that I really am NOT funny.